Monday, 28 September 2009

Another day at the office

aka very little done.

The weekend brought 12 hour shifts and so little has been added to my company apart from I've painted up the first of my actual long fangs and decided on a shoulder design for them. No picture as yet, want to get all of them together. Having seen the contents of the new space wolf box set (2 packs, 1 scout, 1 drop pod) due out later in october i may go for one of those, sell the scouts and spares and sit on the rest of my long fangs till then.

I've managed to get a few of my skyclaws basecoated in grey, again will probably finish those off with bits from the pack sprues. Also done the first lick of paint in drop pod no 1, just the doors, stanchions, thrusters, weapons, emblems, harnesses to go. Found a nice colour scheme on someone elses blog page ( ) and will be using the black doors on my drop pods.

Drawn up a plan for the company too which completely overloads a standard set up and points but lets me choose from what I have for the game in hand i.e. more antipersonnel for orcs, heavy armour piercers and ap for nids, etc. I figure this gives me about 100 figures - a full company and plenty of armour options. Only thing i haven't got yet is a dreadnought in there but with so much other mobile artillery its debatable whether i need it or not.

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