Sunday, 13 September 2009

Alpha Legion

Okay, I know this is meant to be my Iron Wolf pages but these where an interim project that helped me develop my conversion skills, test a few paint ideas and learn a few things about basing. I worked on a 1500 pt army after buying the Terminator Lord doombringer set - 15 terminators and one lord - then playing around with it and trying to get it in under total. Lots of work, blending in my existing wolf 13th company then booting them out followed by hijacking my Space Wolf Prometheus project to create a centre piece for the local painting competition.

Nearly gave me a divorce getting finished in time but it looks cool. I went for the colour scheme used in th egood old days and on the cover of the Legion book and adapted it slightly, then tried to give each squad some individualism depending on whether or not they had a chaos mark and if so who. The Landraider stands out because its my Commanders personal transport. Along with his bodyguard he has teh mark of nurgle and I wanted a vehicle that reflected this. A touch of greenstuff gave me some spores coming out of the vents but I wanted something more, then I started collecting Skaven. The grim hand of clan pestilens fell across the tarnished metal and all of a sudden a monster was born - rat heads to replace the lascannon heads, demon heads on the bolters, skeletal rat hand down the side and all sorts of skaven symbols and accessories to make it really stand out.

I didn't win, but the landraider got the most commenst on the day - mostly good too which for a beginner was quite nice.

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