Thursday, 1 October 2009

Go Marketing Dept.

Okay so here I sit, wallet screaming at me to go and empty it on SW launch day, ready to dive in at unlock till i came across a little note on the release dates. The new box set is out 2 weeks later. For £50 (or £40 if you shop around) you can get a set of scouts, two wolf packs and a drop pod.
My initial thought was why scouts? They look nothing like the sketch out of the old codex, (that guy with the power armour with stripped off arms and furs has always looked awesome, not like the shabby scouts GW keep supplying us with) and sticking a new head on one won't make it a wolf.
Load of crap I thought, then I realised, hang on drop pod, 2 packs, thats £60 just there, so sell the scouts, recoup some of the money and its looking more inviting. Then if you don't need the drop pod ebay that, through in the wolf pack spares and the box set suddenly becomes almost free.
Don't get me wrong, I'm dying to get my boxes of wolf pack so i can finish off my skyclaws and longfangs but I'm not stupid. I'll be sat here waiting for two weeks. Anyone else who is planning an army would do well to do the same. If your just fad collecting for some individual looking characters for your own chapter then yeah, wolf pack release day is the day for you. If your planning an army, wait two weeks and take the time to paint the box of terminators.