Monday, 14 September 2009

Return of the Alpha Legion

This is the full company I ran in the local competition. As can be seen the basing's not great except for a few pieces but it's coming together slowly.
I wanted a mostly marine force rather than something that fielded hordes of demons so demon lords, summoned demons and defilers were straight out. I have an avid dislike of the chaos dreadnought models and can't be bothered painting all the detail on the obliterators, plus the cost of fielding them is prohibitive.
To start I decided on a Lord rather than a sorceror so I could have some up close oomph, helped along with the Mark of Nurgle and a Plaguebringer demon weapon. As this is meant to be two handed, th eLightning claws dripping green stuff did nicely. Some more green stuff to make scales down his shoulder andadd some random chaosness and voila ! Swamp thing.
To him i added a squad of terminators as a personal guard, kitted out with lightning claws and a reaper cannon, it gives some nice thumping ability and the Mark of Nurgle (out with some subtle green stuff) adds some extra staying power. On the charge I get 16 Lightning claw and powerfist attacks and 3+d3 Plaguebringer attacks.

Next up is my second set of terminators, this time kitted out as tankbusters. 2 combimelta's, 2 chain fists, powerfist, reaper cannon and mark of Nurgle goes nicely. Last time I played they pulled down a fortified bunker with bare hands.

Then the troops. Two squads in Rhino's to run forward and seize the objectives, one with the mark of Nurgle, the other followers of Slaanesh for that speed boost. One of the Rhino's I equipped with a Havoc Launcher, but mounted it up like a whirlwind's. As the chaos troops don't have that option it looks nice and distinctive on field. The third squad are just that, nothing special, for holding whichever objectives are close in.

Finally for some random heavy support a Chaos Dreadnought. Based on the black reach dreadnought body he had Kroot food and bones hung on him, insignia filed off, mark of Tzeentch stuck over the sarcophagus, Terminator prize spikes and marine and Nid's heads attached. I ditched the normal base and put him on a flyer base covered in green stuff to give some contours then mounted a pile of marine heads with a power sword in front of him, an aquila being crushed beneath his feet and finally a half buried marine behind, face, chest and power fist reaching for the stars in eternal death. Topped off with some snow it came out quite well.

Finally the Landraider - originally this was going to be a Prometheus and I was having a third set of terminators but I decided Ireally need something distinctive as a centre piece and this became it. Another ebay rescue case I ended up making the guns fixed rather than pivoting, stole the heavy bolters off one of my razorbacks and scratch built it a multimelta, rebuilt a sponson top with greenstuff and plasticard, used a meltagun shield on the pintle mounted bolter to give a bit of authenticity then went to town with green stuff and skaven parts and icons. The green stuff just made some spore like pustules around the vents, nothing major. The skaven however, they got everywhere. Ratheads on the lascannons rather than the usual demon heads, ratogre hands coming out of the hull, rat skulls on the rear and sides, giant rat skull on the hull top, clan moulder minirat pointing the way on the lights, banners hanging off the lascannons, plague rat scrolls hanging on the mech door around the melta gun damage, rat heads and trophies hanging off the back and front, topped off with clan markings and the skeletal hand of the Death of Rats pointing down the vehicle.

Didn't win the painting competiton I entered it into, but I did have the fun of watching my terminator lord having a punching match with a Hive Tyrant and his bodyguard. Twice I rolled and injured myself with the glorious daemon weapon and still managed to take them down although the disgusting ball of slime got in a lucky last blow killing him too. Was a great way of tieing up his HQ while my other troops started to pick off his carnifex's. Unfortuneately when his genestealers dropped in from reserve and struck from the rear there wasn't much left to do but die heroically.

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