Friday, 25 September 2009

Long Fang Sergeant

Had difficulty getting the light right to photograph this guy, maybe should be on photo lessons not painting ones :)
Anyway, I originally saw this conversion on an Army for sale on ebay by GMM Studios and it made me chuckle so I squirreled the parts away to make my own version and just never put it together. But I got distracted by a girl...story of my life. This time in a painting way. I dropped off my competition piece at the local store and she was painting diamonds on her shoulder pads with varying degrees of success.
So when I came home I decided to see if there was an easy way and yes there was, cut them in with the modelling drill and then black line the grooves - great for those of us who don't have steady hands.
The rest of the figure was fairly easy - its not the actual missile launcher arm as I'd used that for something else but the hand glued onto another one. The gun arm had to be pinned at the wrist and gun to get the pose to hold as its a biker arm cut to position, standard hand and the position was just to weighty to get the gun to sit in place while glue dried. Followed up with my standard wolf colours and wolf either frightened of his own gun or blasting the lock off a door at close range. They're wolves - lets go for option 2.
All I want to do now is learn how to paint those fantastic glowing plasma guns I keep seeing.

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