Sunday, 13 September 2009

Mechanised Space Wolf army

Well with the new codex my old set up has fallen by the wayside so its time to figure out a new format.

With Four HQ's I need one as the Iron Wolf himself, and this time I'm thinking of adding Njal Stormcaller and leading the other two slots open, although the temptation to throw in a damocles with its orbital strike capacity is very tempting.

With the Wolf guard go my Prometheus but what to do with the other slots. A dreadnought, iron priest, scouts or the new lone wolf options. Not being able to take a dread as a hq could be a pain and the lone wolves do look good but the option of an iron priest with cybernetically enhanced wolves is too good an opportunity to pass up. As a mechanised company I can see the scouts making way for a dreadnought and my six snow cloaked snipers saying hello to ebay.

With the troops it was two grey hunters in razorbacks and a squad of blood claws. This will probably stay the same although with the loss of the long fangs it gives me a spare razorback so may add another pack of grey hunters. A multimelta, extra armoured razorback is probably in keepin with these boys fantasies.

Fast attack is my skyclaws, and a pack of bikes. The new wolf packs cavalry looks good but not in keeping. Besides teh temptation would be to spend half the months food money and mount Canis on Azrhog's wyvern and do a counts as play. On top of these is a Landspeeder Tempest, drawbacks can only field one not a squad of three, good points - can fire its assault cannon and twin linked missile system if its not moving and has increased armour so not susceptible to small arms fire - thankyou Forgeworld, although mine is scratch built the rules are there to be used.

Finally due to the LAndraider shuffle pushing my long fangs off I'm left with a Landraider Helios - whirlwind launcher and two sets of las cannons every turn :), redeemer loaded with Blood Claws and a rune priest and a Predator Annihalator should give me enough ranged fire power to take down most armour and hammer troops moving in and out of cover.

so we end up with

Wolf lord, Njal Stormcaller, Rune Priest, Damocles/Battle Leader/Ragnar
Wolf Guard with Landraider, Dreadnought, Iron Priest with Wolves
Grey hunters * 3, (Razorback with las cannons, with lascannon and plasma guns, with multimelta and extra armour), Blood Claws mounted in a Redeemer
Tempest, Bikes, Skyclaws
Predator, Helios, (Redeemer)

Hopefully thats enough long and short range firepower to hurt anything it comes across

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