Sunday, 13 September 2009

This is weird....

After years of callining the INET nerds for online goofing here I've finally joined them - for that really worthwhile pursuit of.....plastic models. Well, thats what the wife calls them. To me they're the bane of my life demanding painting time, upgrades and spare cash at every available opportunity.

But really, I 've wanted for the last year, since getting back into 4oK and warhammer to show off some of my stuff, share ideas and get comments back. Also be able to post and track how my armies have come along and progressed as times have changed so with the advent of a new rulebook now seems the perfect moment to start taking photo's and recreating my Wolf Company.

I've always liked the idea of having a mechanised company and so the leap to being the Iron Wolf company didn't seem to huge to take, I just to work out how to create the badge on the meantime I'll be strimming some rat sprues and gearing up for the Space Wolf painting competition at my local shop

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