Sunday, 13 September 2009

Iron Wolf Prometheus

Well after reading the new codex i have a few choices to make, no longer can each bodyguard group take a landraider. Grrr, limited to 1 per Wolf Guard. Now as teh Prometheus is a dedicated Transport option for a command group and Wolves don't have one it then becomes by default the Wolf Guard transport. With 2 other Landraiders now being knocked back to being Heavy Support choices I need to decide which to keep on - Predator, Long Fangs, Landraider Helius, Landraider Redeemer. The predator gives me lots of lascannons, the Helios a choice of las cannons and whirlwind missiles, the redeemer the assault cannon and flamers whilst the Long Fangs give me alsorts of concentrated goodies and with losing the Wolf Guard Heavy Weapon options its a tough choice.

Regardless, this poor heap in front of you is on its way to becoming my Commanders Prometheus command vehicle. No real need with wolves for improved teleport etc but 4 twin linked heavy bolters is always nice :) I bought it from ebay in a variety of shades with all the top hatch/gun ports missing , the sponsons incorrectly fitted, top part pulling away and painted in green and brown stripes.

So far I've removed the incorrect parts of each sponson and will be replacing them when my twin linked heavy bolters turn up. The top slots have either been covered up or filled - a gunner and a hellfire did well there. The top gun turret slot has been filled in with a sensor array made from gun covers and hellfire missiles which doesn't look too bad.

Paint wise its part way through the first coat of shadow grey. Although I prefer my wolves in a preheresy style grey for the armour, I 've always stuck with shadow grey on the vehicles. I've gone for a white helmet and kept the Mechanicum pad for the gunner to mark him out as an Iron Priest, I may add some furs with Green stuff at a later date.

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