Thursday, 17 September 2009

A day off

Life always has a habit of getting in the way.
This time its the complete lack of the arrival of my guns for the Prometheus conversion. So instead spent most of the day painting the bathroom and hallway. As enthralling as that was I suspect no one is interested in the grey and white paint scheme or close up photo's.
In the end I finished up rescuing one of my ebay dreadnoughts. The small picture at the top is the Prometheus and the dreadnought as they were bought. One dash of undercoat and then an attack of codex grey.
I didn't bother doing any individualisations on the dread as its been painted up for my son's Ghostrider chapter. His marines are in grey with yellow pads and black greaves with flames. So after sticking on some plasticard Iron plates to represent extra armour and rebuilding the missing Leg plates with the same I added on the chapter flames around the weapons and legs.
Not my best but he was happy, and so was I - he traded me a drop pod for it so I can remount my Bloodclaws :)

These on the other hand are his Black Reach orc's I painted for him on another bored day. The kopta was no problems but teh Nobz looked boring so out with the bitz box. Some chaos spikes, old school power axe, lightning claw, Tau weaponry and a knife in the back later and they looked more the part than before.
I had intended to paint up all his defkopta's in the same scheme but he's decided he's selling his orcs to fund other projects so I'm just going to sit and twiddle my thumbs till my gun's arrive.
Or I make enough money on ebay to buy a conversion set.

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