Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Wolf Pack Herald 2

And after a few days painting this is it - the finished article. Not the best in the world but good for me :)
After trying shadow blue i went back to adeptus grey and having coated all the armour in base coat I attacked him with some black ink and a fine brush - for the first time ever I did some black lining. I was amazed at how the figure changed its look straight away, actually started to look more proffessional and didn't take as long as i thought it would.
Then I systematically attacked all the detail pieces, drilled rivet holes in the side on wolfs head and just started layering up everything but the armour in base tones and highlights.
Once that was done I glued on the arms and started layering shades of greys, then drybrshing fortress grey and finally adding some white highlights.
I did the same to the powerpack then started on with a simple greenstuff cloak. Only about my fourth proper attempt to use this and I was hampered by having left my moulding tools at home, this being done surrepticiously on my desk at work. Surprisingly a pair of tweezers worked well for me and gave me a too layered cloak - I wanted cloth overlain with furs closer to the top. After the paint job it has more of the look of hide with fur and skin. I wasn't happy with the painting on the cloak as it didn't have the cloth look I wanted but decided to go with the result as bare hides are probably more in keeping with wolves anyway.
Once that was done and painted I mounted up the powerpack and rolled out the fine detail brush to touch up the few areas I had managed to knock with the cloak colours.
And so finally my competition piece. Like I said, not the best but will do for me.

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