Sunday, 13 September 2009

Iron Wolf Predator

Well here it is, after months of wanting one I finally got one from ebay....arrived in one jiffy bag in more pieces than I think it come soff the sprue in. The tracks were glued in place - not even touching the wheels, the whole top cover had to be ripped off skimmed and refitted, the internal wall was just left somewhere random so was gutted out, both las cannons were rattling loose and the whole thing had me chomping at the bit.

But an hour or so's tender restoration got it looking more tank like and less like the Wolf scrap yard. The only thing i forgot to do which will bug me forever is file down the mould lines on the las cannons on the sponsons - d'oh.

Once it had been undercoated I started by painting inside the sponsons with black and yellow shades, tipped off with some rust. Then was teh shadow grey, dry brushed with space wolf grey, bubonic brown overlaid with golden yellow, and white topped with red or green for the lights and sensors. The metal work on the lascannons and tracks was done as Tin Bitz brushed with bolt gun metal. Then i painted up the sponson cannons and filed the sponsons flat so that I could glue them in place to prevent further breakages. I normally like them free moving but with the damage already having been done i didn't feel too bad.

Last of all was teh two wolves heads on the fornt armour. These are actually Skaven Horned Rat shield bosses with teh horns cut off and dome of head rounded off. They work really well as wolves heads and with a stack of them lying around I suspect the theme will be carried out throughout the army.

All thats left is to run on some snow and weathering and take another look at how the rust on the engines comes across.

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