Monday, 14 September 2009

Space Wolf new codex.

Okay been back and had a second read, and a third, fourth etc. In fact myself and the other local Space Wolf player have been sat pulling apart the codex trying to work out all the pro's and cons.
Yet again we've been stung with Terminator point costs - 63 points to create a wolf guard terminator with hammer and shield - and no teleport. And the Wolf guard is now down to maximum of 10, so unless you sacrifice more slots its going to be a bit sticky converting your old force to the new.
Also gone is the ability to take the second special weapon in each squad, Grey Hunters and Blood Claws are down to one power fist/weapon, one flamer/melta/plasma and one plasma pistol unless you get to a squad size of 10 then you can have a second assault weapon. As Wolf Guard Leaders no longer get heavy weapons you need to assign a WG terminator to a squad to carry any form of heavy artillery which stops you having a Rhino or Razorback transport for that squad. Landraider sales are obviously slumping :)
Iron priests are now restricted to three thralls, or 4 cyberenhanced fenrisian wolves but teh choice of what to take for elites is getting harder with changes in the Forgeworld rules too.
On the plus side Bikes are now down to 25 points and the assault troops have a seperate listing at 18 points apiece and you can now take 10, again with only one power weapon etc. The wolf cavalry look nice at 50 points apiec, base toughness 5 and 2 wounds with 4 attacks. As for Long Fangs, well 200 points or so will get you 5 long fangs with Lascannons and a Pack Leader with a plasma gun.
The description of each company has more detail than before, I was particularly interested in the one for Egil. As with my thoughts they describe his comapnay as a mechanised beast, Egil himself being as much metal as man, using fast moving transports to cut off an enemy whilst egil's personal Landraider carrying the shields of his former life charges in from the fore. Time to start getting some templates and wooden shields on the Prometheus I feel.

On the happy side, the updated Forge World rules means that the Prometheus is now an elites choice, so its one landraider as a vehicle option, one as a wolf guard vehicle, one as a heavy support and loading my LongFangs back into a Razorback for that extra heavy weapon. And no I don't keep track of my points cost - I just pick and choose for the game.

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