Monday, 14 September 2009

Iron Wolf Razorback

Well here is the first of the finished razorbacks, Aesir, ready to be loaded up with keen blood hungry wolves.
Seen here alongside the rest of my force, apart from my predator, it can be seen how far I have to go to get it finished. Add on the new box of Wolf Pack, Njal Stormcaller and a box of wolf terminators and theres plenty of work to keep me busy through till next year. And before then the new Skaven come out to...
The top armament is a scratch built version of the Forgeworl multi-melta option. Not in CSW, but a legitimate upgrade and now with the updated rules on their download page, a free one.

The dozer blade is from a Leman Russ adorned with a cow/demon skull from the ogres range. The cam netting is a laundry tablet bag held on with some florists wire, which also made up the aerials.
Theres also a generous load of plasticard on here although even with drybrushing its not come out that well. Both sides of the body and panels at the front have been infilled with some to give the effect of extra armour. If I can find a way that works for me I might go back at a later date and run some rust or weathering damage along the edges to make it more distinctive.
Finally, as this was going to be a wolf guard vehicle it has wolf plates on each front quarter as well as wolf's head badges on the front armour plates. These are made from cut down skaven emblems and look the part with a lick of paint.
All I need to do now is hijack the codex for 30 minutes and draw up my new lists and I can actually get the Crew together and based to match the snow effect.

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