Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Prometheus Stage Two

With the new rules promoting a rethink on slots and uses I decided that the Prometheus would be Egil's personal one. He's described as charging in with a Landraider adorned with shields from his home village so something distinctive should fit the bill nicely.
As to distinctive, I started with the shields then looked at the ragnar literature which describes many of the thirteenth with scenes of battle and home on their armour. So I've decided to extend this onto Egil's Raider.
One side has a dragon boat across the door, the other a navigational chart. Both sides have shields and pictures of mountains in the two insets. On the top there is a Thor's Hammer to one side, on the other a stone circle and a dragon - all suitably nordic/fenrisian in origin.
Just the guns, the sponsons, the shading, the tracks, the rust, the Company markers to go.
These are some of the Space Wolf models built previously and may or may not stay on for the new force.
I particularly liked the terminator with green stuff furs and spear. With the last codex not specifying a crozium, just a power weapon, fora wolf priest this was going to be him.
A lot of them are now part painted where I had to stop for other projects or replaced some parts as my army morphed.
Finally at the end is the Tempest. With the Forgeworld rules being updated comes the news I can now field these as a squadron of 3. Might look into putting hand in pocket as I'm not altogether happy with th eplasticard finish for the extra armour.

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