Sunday, 20 September 2009

Wolf Pack Herald

Finally its here :) The first of the figures from the new wolf pack box.
Well, two of them actually although technically one is my sons. He's decided to enter the Space Wolf painting comp too, all he needs is to convince the GW manager to have an under 14's section too. He's gone for using the new Wolf Claws for his whereas I went with the nice big axe for the pose it creates.
Not sure if he has a finished article in mind. I went in knowing which pieces I wanted from the sprue pics and having handled them earlier in the week. The intention is to create the first of my new Wolf Guard and have him as a Skald (storyteller/history keeper). Thats where the Empire wizard parts come in. One of the arm sets from THAT sprue (yes the one with the flaming sword) have some nice scroll work round the edges so the intention is to trim them down and use a bit of green stuff to mold in the missing sections and have it billowing out behind him.
On the photo from the top you can see our collected parts. Below that are the ones I'm using. Then undercoated and legs based followed by what mine looks like after it's first layer of colour. Still not happy with the shadow grey, may go back to using adeptus, codex and forest grey in layers, it gives a nicer finish to it I think than the bluer shades.

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